Distinct styles of greens at RRCC

“Greens inspired by the best complexes in the world of golf”
Hole #7 features a Punch Bowl style green. The green and its surroundings create a bowl, which can even take some offline shots and bring them back toward the center of the green creating more opportunities for lower scores. This unique styling of green surface will also create more avenues to get your ball close to the hole no matter where your approach shot lands. This gives the golfer an opportunity to be creative while putting on this beautiful new green. Learning how to read the subtle breaks here will be a premium here. I will teach you how to use your feet along with other techniques for better green reading. Hole #10 brings forth a big change. This new green now features perhaps one of the best birdie opportunities at Red Rocks. Inspired by the famous modified double plateau style green, it will feature a flatter front right portion, a distinct swale in the middle portion and a raised back portion. Be excited to fire at a pin that is located in the middle of the green as it will likely funnel down to the hole. I will focus on short putt confidence while teaching you a better more refined stroke to allow those short putts to fall. If you find yourself with a long lag putt, let your imagination run with finding new and exciting ways to navigate this stunning surface. Hole #17, the infinity green style and our largest green (approximately 60 yards deep) is surrounded by the natural beauty that Red Rocks Country Club features throughout. From the green, you may find yourself distracted by the natural rock outcroppings or the stunning view of the Denver skyline. Once you get your attention focused back on the shot at hand, you may find yourself with a long putt. This unique three in one green features a back to front slope with three very distinct surfaces that allows for multiple pin locations. This green will test your lag putting like no other green at the club. I will teach you ways to be able to dial in those long putts from both uphill and downhill situations.